CenterState Investigations, LLC works on many different types of cases and frequently assists attorneys, businesses, and the public with a variety of legal, financial and personal problems. Our trained and licensed investigators perform surveillance, research and interviewing to gather information for you or your business. Access to computer databases allows us to quickly obtain large amounts of information not available to the public. Your case is always handled in a professional and discreet manner. Don't be fooled by what you may have seen in the movies; private investigators can help regular people with routine, day-to-day matters. If you have questions or doubts about someone or something you would like to resolve, CenterState Investigations, LLC   stands ready to investigate the matter and quickly provide you with the information you need. What can a Private Investigator do for you?
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Florida Agency License #  A1200248
Selective Enforcement Agency, LLC is a full time company dedicated to the Service of Process.  We offer a network of fully licensed and experienced process servers, allowing us to complete jobs faster and provide you with a high standard of quality at a competitive price. Selective Enforcement uses an in-house investigator and our hours are flexible and very conducive to your needs. This is to insure we complete your service right the first time. You are able to also check the status of your case online at any time. Status Checker. We Serve all 67 counties of Florida for your convenience. JAC Certified Vendor #F460951040001
License A1200248     We have been trying to contact you regarding legal proceedings that may affect you.  Please call the number listed below.  On YOUR Card  flpspi.com  Civil Process Division Serving the 5th and 8th Judicial Circuits
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